Upcoming Special Issue

This special issue seeks to promote research on mental health and college athlete well-being. Additionally, this special issue seeks to blend academics and practitioners by providing impactful research that can provide those working with this population with practical implications that can assist in enhancing the overall mental health of college athletes.

More information is available on Special Issue Proposal page.

Coming Soon in Spring 2020 — Special Issue: College Athlete Academic Engagement – This Special Issue will highlight the intersections and spaces between intercollegiate athletics, high impact educational practices (HIPs), and student engagement.

For many fans, intercollegiate athletics represents Saturday afternoons in the fall spent tailgating prior to a big football game. College presidents, caught up in their school’s ‘March Madness’ experience, cite college sport’s unique ability to attract people to their institution.

Within this setting, it is vital that all those involved in college sport, including: NCAA and university administrators, athletic department staff members, faculty, media, and athletes have access to independent critical research focused on college-sport issues.

The College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) is pleased to sponsor the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics (JIIA), a peer-reviewed, scholarly, open-access journal dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and disseminating interdisciplinary and interuniversity collaborative college-sport research.

As the College Sport Research Institute’s official journal, JIIA is dedicated to critically examining ethical, social, economic, and political issues surrounding college sport in the United States and providing readers with thought-provoking editorials, research articles, and reviews.Welcome!