A Qualitative Exploration of College Student Perceptions of Subscription-Based Ticketing

Liz Sattler – Illinois State University
Lisa Rufer – Rider University
Clint Warren – University of Minnesota

In an effort to reach a new generation of sport fans, sport organizations have turned to offering subscription-based ticketing services. These subscription-based ticket services allow sport fans to purchase monthly passes to attend all homes games during the specified month. The current study qualitatively investigated college students’ perceptions on the motivations and consequences of purchasing a subscription based-ticket. Participants were asked to describe why they choose to subscribe to services in general, how they perceive a subscription-based ticketing service for sport organizations, and how they would compare traditional season ticket models with the subscription-based ticketing service. Through three focus group sessions, with twenty-two college students, perceived value of the subscription program was identified as a major factor, along with flexibility, convenience, and exclusivity of the subscription services. The current study is a starting point for understanding why sport fans may choose to purchase a subscription-based ticketing plan.