Athlete Activism Through a Bioecological Lens: An Asset-Based Approach to Exploring Athletes’ Moral Development

Daniel Springer – University of Missouri
Molly Harry – University of Arkansas
Wayne L. Black – University of Cincinnati
Jonathan E. Howe – Temple University

Since the onset of the global pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in Division I college athletes using their platforms to address inequity in college athletics. While it is unclear what factors are shaping this trend, understanding why college athletes engage in activism is imperative to better support them as they lean further into this practice. Accordingly, this manuscript seeks to outline a framework for examining activism in and through college sport over time, space, and context by utilizing Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological Process-Person-Context-Time Model. Examining athlete activism provides a mechanism to consider the way power, privilege, and oppression impact athletes’ experiences and ability to thrive during their time on campus.