Athletics and Academics: The Relationship Between Athletic Identity Sub Constructs and Educational Outcomes

Matt R. Huml – Texas Tech University
Meg G. Hancock – University of Louisville
Mary A. Hums – University of Louisville


In this article, we explore the relationship between athletic identity factors and the educational outcomes of GPA, community service, and athlete demographics. College athletes across all NCAA divisions (N = 546) completed questionnaires related to their athletic identity, GPA, community service participation, and demographics. Whencomparing athletic identity subscales to GPA, exclusivity was found to be statistically significant, but social identity and negative affectivity were not significant. Athletic identity subscales did not have a statistically significant relationship related to college athlete community service participation. Lastly, no statistical significance was reported between athletic identity subscales and gender, race, or year in college. Findings highlight a lack of relationship between athletic identity sub constructs and college athlete GPA, community service participation, and college athlete demographics.