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The Value of Intercollegiate Athletics Participation from the Perspective of Employers who Target Athletes
Peter Chalfin - University of Michigan
Erianne Weight - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Barbara Osborne - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Shelly Johnson - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Many companies specifically target former student-athletes when hiring employees. This study utilized attribution theory to explore why employers target student-athletes and to identify which skills employers believe that student-athletes develop through athletics that make them more qualified to succeed in their industry. A survey of 50 employers revealed ten qualities/skills most strongly associated with athletic participation. Employers’ perceived value of athletic participation was significantly impacted by the athletic success and leadership experience of the student-athlete. The sport, competition level and gender of the student-athlete were not found to have a significant impact on the perceived value of athletic participation. The results of this study add to the literature examining the value of athletics and support the premise that intercollegiate athletics are aligned with the goals of higher education as they help develop student-athletes into future leaders.

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