Division III Student-Athlete School Selection: A College Choice Guide for Recruits and Recruiters

Claire C. Zvosec – Louisiana State University
Chris M. Brown – University of Kansas
Hannah Richardson – University of Kansas
Jordan R. Bass – University of Kansas

The purpose of this study was to develop a comprehensive guide or process for NCAA Division III school selection for prospective Division III student-athletes. The developed college choice guide has two primary practical implications. First, it serves as a potential guide to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting operations for Division III coaches and athletic departments. Second, the college choice guide could aid prospective Division III student-athletes in their own Division III college selection process. In doing so, this work also furthers the literature regarding college choice and, more specifically, college choice for prospective Division III student-athletes. Moreover, the study furthers our understanding of the Division III athletics college choice and recruiting environment as institutions continue to develop their own institutional definitions of athletics success. In all, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 71 current Division III student-athletes and 39 Division III coaches and athletics administrators at fifteen Division III institutions to gain a greater understanding of the college selection process for Division III student-athletes.