NCAA Transfer Portal: Examining Quarterback Transfer Outcomes in College Football

Stephanie L. Dohrn – DePaul University
L Yvette P. Lopez – DePaul University

This paper aims to increase our understanding of the profile of quarterbacks in the NCAA transfer portal and their transfer impact on program and individual performance. Our sample consists of 124 Division I quarterbacks who transferred prior to the 2019 NCAA football season. Our data comes from the 247Sports website and is comprised of additional data from the 2018 and 2019 seasons (before and after the transfer). We examined the associated effects of transfers on program impact and student-athlete performance. Results indicate that, as a whole, student-athletes are more likely to transfer to lower-ranked programs and benefit from the transfer in terms of their individual performance. While there are unknowns, costs, and concerns over roster management for programs, on-field performance measures overall were not negatively impacted. Implications of these findings for research, theory, and practice are discussed.