Special Issue

2013 Issue | 2009 Issue

2013 Article List

  • Rethinking Penn State Sanctions and Executive Authority
  • Big Time College Football and the Perils of Presidential Leadership
  • Too Big to Fail: The Penn State Scandal
  • Does Athletic Scandal Influence University Operational Health
  • But It’s JoePA!
  • The Penn State Child Sexual Abuse Scandal: The Implications for Athletic Department Training, Policy, and Child Welfare System Interactions

2009 Article List

  • An Investigation of Male College Athletes’ Attitudes toward Sexual-Orientation
  • One for the Team: Exploring the Relationship Between College Sport, Campus Community, and Academic Social Integration.
  • Examining Academic Role-Set Influence on the Student-Athlete Experience
  • Stereotypes and Stigmas of College Athletes in Tank McNamara’s Cartoon Strip: Fact or Fiction?