Student-Athlete College Choice: Division I, II, and III Football Players

William L. Nixon – Brigham Young University
Zakary A. Mayo – Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Win Koo – Troy University

Literature connecting university selection criteria to recruiting efforts is essential for athletic administrators and coaches who seek to understand student-athlete school selection (Andrew et al., 2016). Research exploring the factors influencing National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football players’ college selection process is limited. This study examines the comparison of factors across NCAA Divisions (NCAA Division I, II, and III), which has yet to be accomplished within football. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to evaluate factors that influence the college selection process of NCAA football student-athletes and to determine how the influence of college choice factors varies between all three Divisions. Participants completed a 26-item questionnaire that represented six college choice factors—Academics, Athletics, Coaching, Location, Communication Tactics, and Significant Persons. This study’s findings will enhance college choice literature. Recommendations for collegiate football coaches and recruiting personnel will be discussed, and help practitioners implement effective strategies that strengthen recruiting outcomes.