An Exploration of Black Women’s Intersectionality in Athletic Administration

Taryn Price – Oklahoma State University
Rudy Dunlap – Middle Tennessee State University
Jackie Eller – Middle Tennessee State University


The current study examines the ways black women perceive their identity to influence their experiences as leaders in Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) administration. Consistently recognized as a hegemonic masculine institution, ICA’ structure and culture has been noted to limit the upward mobility minority women. The current study sought to examine the ways black women perceive their intersectionality to influence their experience as leaders in ICA. Intersectionality, a theoretical perspective elucidates the ways in which black women’s identity negotiation is shaped by identity’s confluence. Qualitative interviews from ten black women executive sport leaders at Division I National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) institutions were conducted for analysis of this cultural phenomena. Findings from the study support the use of intersectionality as an analytical framework in context of ICA for black women, and highlights the necessity for counteracting hegemonic influences that continue to limit the advancement of women and racial minorities in sport.