Female Senior-Level Administrators Experiences of Gender Bias in Collegiate Athletics

Robin Hardin = University of Tennessee
Elizabeth A. Taylor – Temple University
Allison Smith – University of Massachusetts – Boston
Jessica Siegele – University of North Carolina – Pembroke
Gi Yong Koo – Troy University

Research has identified many barriers and challenges facing women in the male-dominated profession of collegiate athletic administration. Gender bias is a predominant factor in limiting the opportunities for women in leadership across a myriad of professions including sport. Gender bias itself is comprised of many facets, and not all women experience gender bias in the same way, as intersecting identities also impacts it. The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of gender bias among women who hold senior leadership positions in collegiate athletics utilizing the Gender Bias Scale for Women Leaders. The results of this study continue to support the notion that gender bias does exist in college athletics. The results provide an in-depth examination of the many dimensions that comprise gender bias as a construct. Collegiate athletic administrators as well as university administrators need to continue to work to help reduce or eliminate gender bias from the college athletic environment. Women are certainly capable as leaders and administrators and should be given the opportunity to be successful without having to negotiate the challenges presented by gender bias.