Service Quality and Behavioral Intentions in NCAA Division I Football: A Case of Season Ticket Holders and Athletic Donors

Skyler F. Fleshman – University of Florida
Khirey B. Walker – Ball State University
Robert M. Turick – Ball State University
Benjamin J. Downs – Ball State University

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship that the sportscape, service quality, and personal fandom have with the customer satisfaction of season ticket holders and athletic donors of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I football institutions, and whether customer satisfaction varies between different levels of college football competition (i.e., Football Bowl Subdivision Power Five (FBS P5), Football Bowl Subdivision Group of Five (FBS G5), & the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS)). Results indicated that aspects of personal fandom and the sportscape had a significant positive relationship with satisfaction, while the service influence did not. Additional results indicated that significant differences were present between reported satisfaction among each competition level, with FBS G5 respondents reporting the highest levels of satisfaction, followed by FBS P5 respondents and FCS respondents. Further differences between the three samples are analyzed and implications from the findings are discussed.